Interventional Radiology - Stent Placement

While balloon angioplasty is often successful in enlarging the opening of an obstructed artery, the artery may close again at a later date.  If and when this happens, a stent can be placed into the artery to help keep it open. Increasingly, stents are being placed at the time of an original balloon angioplasty. A stent is a tiny wire mesh tube that acts as a scaffolding to maintain and support the opening of the artery.  Stents can be placed in virtually any artery of the body where blood flow is especially vital.

The stent placement procedure is much the same as an angioplasty.  The unexpanded stent is slipped over the deflated balloon on the catheter.  When the site of obstruction is encountered, the balloon is inflated causing the stent to expand. The balloon is then removed leaving the open stent in place and allowing blood to once again flow freely.  Stents remain in place permanently.

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