Specialties - Women’s Imaging/ Breast Imaging

Women’s and Breast Imaging is a subspecialty of radiology focusing on the diagnosis and characterization of disease of the breast and gynecological disorders.

Primary imaging modalities in the assessment of breast disease include digital mammography, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  Breast biopsy is performed utilizing ultrasound, MRI, and mammographic guidance (stereotactic biopsy). Gynecological conditions are diagnosed utilizing ultrasound, MRI, computed tomography (CT), and fluoroscopy (hysterosalpinography).

RIMA has three outstanding radiologists, each with full dedicated fellowships in breast imaging.

Marie McCombs
Karin Fu
Sarina Pai

RIMA offers distributed sub-specialty radiology services along the lines typically seen only in top academic radiology departments. Our specialty lines include: